Sunday, 26 March 2017

Clover Leaf Learning Academy App developed by My App Center

Do you want to relax and calm your mind? Are you stressed out or in mental tension? Are u feeling weak or ill? Do you want to know what is healing? Do you want to heal yourself and others around you? Then Clover Leaf App is for you. This app can be used by two user categories

1. User: People who are looking for solutions of their illness or problems without medicines. Those users can look for other multiple remedies like acupressure, acupuncture, astrology, solution without medical, jyotish , healer etc. User can take guidelines and solutions by coordinating with any healer from the respected categories. Users can find their choice of healer from this wonderful Android and iOS app from the comfort of their homes. This application is very easy and simple to use for any demographics. User can also apply for courses of their choice and refer the application to their friends.

2. Healer: Another user group in this application is for Healers. People who are providing unique solutions to the problems of user group can register here. They can easily connect with their specific category. Healers with multiple specialties can take special plans to get enrolled in the application with minimal fees (Payment gateway). Healer can train, guide and support.

My App Center worked closely with Clover Leaf Learning Academy (CLA) to understand and meet their needs with a solution that achieved their goal to simplify and integrate when considering tech. The resulting all-in-one approach to sales and marketing collateral provides digital content in an intuitive easy to manage way while allowing reps to send follow up content quickly, seamlessly capture leads with context, access content without an internet connection, accelerate contracts, and simplify customer management.

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