Wednesday, 10 May 2017

My app center has launched app for Karishma Ahuja – trainer.

My app center has launched app for Karishma Ahuja – trainer. Download this one-of-a-kind app now and Join Karishma Ahuja for a life-changing journey, to start living the life of your dreams... today!

Founder Mastermind Training India, Trainer, Author, Coach & Speaker, Karishma Ahuja is very Passionate about teaching People about Universal Laws of Attraction & Vibration and Ho’oponopono - a Hawaiin art and Practice to Let go of the past and resolve problems using one's mind and energy instead of placing blame on other people and circumstances.


My app center with the goal of bringing an elevated workout experience to a global community. We use technology to make that experience accessible anytime, anywhere for trainers across. Through app, trainers can packed with thousands of workouts & custom training programs led by expert certified coaches. Also about their intensity workouts, quick strength building routines, energizing yoga practices, and brutal fitness challenges. To make maximum progress and get results, wherever you are in your fitness journey get your app today.

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